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Chamber Strings (varsity)

The Varsity level orchestra; this group is smaller in size and represents the finest string musicians at Kempner High School. All students are welcome to audition for this Orchestra, but the typical Chamber musician is a highly dedicated student who places extra emphasis on music as a part of their studies. Participation in Full Orchestra is required. All-Region auditions, as well as UIL Solo and Ensemble participation (with Class I solo) is required at this level as well. Private lessons are highly recommended. (Please refer to the attached Private Lesson Teacher list provided.)

philharmonic Strings (non-varsity)

This orchestra represents string students who are developing their abilities to one day move up to the Chamber level. While All-Region audition participation is not required, it is recommended. All students in Philharmonic Strings will compete at UIL Solo and Ensemble with at least a Class II solo or ensemble selection of repertoire. Private lessons are recommended. (Please refer to the attached Private Lesson Teacher list provided.)

concert I Strings (sub non-varsity)

This is the third level of string orchestras at Kempner. This is the typical level for incoming 9th graders who are serious about music but lack the maturity and experience to compete at the Chamber or Philharmonic level. Students are encouraged to participate in Solo and Ensemble (Class III solo) and will compete at UIL Concert and Sight-reading at the Non- Varsity level.

Concert II Strings (Coda)

This foundational level of orchestra is mainly dedicated to improving basic playing skills and note reading. This group is for students who enjoy music and like being in orchestra, but may have started playing more recently, or left the orchestra and want to get back into the program. Solo and Ensemble participation is optional.